Dog Days Of Summer

Today was one of those days that was almost too busy for pictures but I did make sure to get Fin to the dog park before the evening storms set in.

Where Art Deco and Modern Meet

Earlier in the month Chris and I were driving down Main Street and noticed a large crane blocking traffic. Due to the timing we both assumed they were putting up 4th of July banners or decorations but didn’t think much more about it. While walking to meet Chris for lunch today, at Alfalfa (large variety of vegetarian options that are delicious to boot), I was pleasantly surprised to spot this striking contemporary installation on the roof of Ann Tower’s Gallery! If you are downtown in the near future you should check it out.


Meatless Sunday

Just in case you are struggling with what to cook tonight, I thought I would share a flavorful meatless meal. Surprisingly, it not only received a thumbs up from the hubs but it also seemed to fill him up, which is a minor feat. Since Chris is not a fan of alliterations (with the exception of Happy Hour) I knew this dish was not an option at our house tonight, so instead we had a nice little meatless Sunday supper.


Recipe can be found at Oh She Glows

New Wife Problems

What do you do when your husband hands you $10 at the movies and asks politely for Runts? Well, if you are me, you head directly to the snack bar where you know they are definitely not going to carry such a ridiculous candy in their limited assortment…but you look anyway. Then you purchase the next closest thing, Sweet Tarts, right? As a new wife, I knew that probably wasn’t the best solution so the concessions girl nicely gave me some quarters and a cup for water. Of course the vending machines didn’t offer Runts, but they did have “Nit Witz.” A nice little substitute for anyone looking to waste their money, or so I thought. Check out what fifty cents will buy you these days! We all got a good chuckle.


Also, in case you were wondering, I did learn that chewy Sweet Tarts are no replacement for the original hard kind.

Spoiled Rotten

Fin is not the only one being spoiled this week! My sweet husband has taken me out to eat two nights in a row! When most of the world hunkers down for rainy nights, we seem to get a hankering to go out. I will have to admit walking through the downtown pedways in the pouring rain last night was pretty cool. Tonight, we opted for a short drive to Seki for some sushi. Hopefully, the lack of color will keep you from entering jealous starvation mode…

Larger than Life

If you are wandering downtown, you will have to hunt to find this gentleman on his camel. Hint: he seems to be headed the wrong way on a one way street.  This placemaking statue is ridiculously dwarfed by the pocket park it resides in but if you are lucky enough to spot it, I hope you find it as funny as I do! I can’t seem to pass it by without a little grin.

Take a Load Off

Fin and I had a nice little visit to the Masterson Station dog park this AM. Lately she has been more excited about the humans and is slowly trying to become one herself. We are feeling spoiled by having such a beautiful 15 acre dog park so close by!

fin at dog park-2

Lessons Learned

Today we paid a hefty price for the loss of our palmetto plates. Well, Chris did…I am shortly behind him crying all the way back to the DMV if I can’t find my original bill of sale.  Getting stuck in sales tax limbo is definitely a first.

On a happier note, I made my first jar of homemade pickles! Thanks to the Lutz Farms I had a plethora of homegrown cucumbers and garlic!

After a little recipe searching it seemed easy enough. In taking the gardener’s advice I made sure to use pickling salt in lieu of table salt so the liquid wouldn’t appear cloudy. That would have been great advice had I also remembered that I needed coriander seeds.  I guess only the next 24 hours will finally solve what Google couldn’t. Can ground coriander be subbed for coriander seeds in pickles?

Recipe can be found at A Couple Cooks